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  • A pause for Ukrainians and our world

I just thought I’d give a prayer and pause for those who are impacted in the current War with Ukraine and Russia.

I’ve struggled to find myself writing about Progenity this weekend. I am overwhelmed by the struggle of the Ukrainian people. Admittedly, I did not know much about Ukraine until this outbreak. However, I have been glued to reddit, twitter, youtube & and have seen comments and videos from the Ukrainian people.

This sparked my curiosity as wix.com allows me to see if people from a certain city/country viewed my website. Map of locations below where Ukrainians logged on to read about most likely Progenity:

(Might be a little unnerving to you but any website you use can know your city location) I am able to see through my wix.com server locations that have logged on and seen my website in the past. I have had multiple people log on from Ukraine and as a servant to the people who took their time to read one of my articles, I am obligated to say something. I am wishing for strength, safety and a quick resolution. You are heroes.

As you can see multiple people in different cities (including the capitol Kyiv) of Ukraine have logged onto my website. It blows me away that we and everyone else now is connected. Whether we like it or not. The internet has brought us closer and I hope we can unite more under the duress that our futures have.

I hope you have a safe and good week ahead. Stay strong.

Until next week,

Brad Mitchell



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