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BIOR | $.085

If Biora is able to withstand the heat, company valuation could go through the roof

  • Large incentives in the future

  • Why I think the technology will be infused with cash

Biora therapeutics is near the all time lows at the moment. They released their 1st quarter report and revealed that they have around 3 more quarters before running out of cash.

They reported 67 million in cash, and around 20 million in quarterly cashburn. Highlighted below:

Shown above is the black and white financial picture of Biora. I am here to paint some more color however. I believe that they still have a strong opportunity to receive funding for their programs (DDS PGN-600 (Pfizer), OBDS- IONIS partnership, 2 other large pharma collaborators) towards the end of the year. I think many of their relationships for their product lines have milestones coming up which will end up deciding their future.

Recently Biora announced patent coverage in the US and also in Europe for their DDS product. They have continually extended their control with their IP for digestive medical devices.

Also another news piece is that they are presenting at the DDW conference which may give more insight on the studies ahead.

Geert D' Haens Speaks on May 24th - Scientist associated to Biora

Dr Bram Vertstock presents may 24th as well:

HC Wainwright have a call scheduled on the 24th of May link here

They are also presenting a corporate update, in person at hotel in Florida May 23rd-26th, with one-on-one meetings


DDS PGN-600 - This is Biora’s flagship medical device and drug combination at the moment. They are using Pfizer’s drug brand in a soluble form to increase efficacy and safety of drugs in Ulcerative colitis patients. If the FDA gives Biora the go ahead with a phase 1 trial in Q3, we should see cash infused into Biora from Pfizer. I know this is a bold statement, however, if you look at the strategic positioning that this would put in for Pfizer, it would be an excellent investment increased way to take advantage of a 9 billion dollar market. Currently Xljanez makes very little revenue from Ulcerative colitis because of its recent warnings from the FDA about toxicity Biora has the best solution which could profit both companies in the billions. They also would have 20 years of extension in patents because of the novel usage. It also might serve Pfizer to fund Biora because they could corner the market before Abbvie which produces Humira could buy them. I think Biora is in a very strategic spot, however, it remains to be seen if they will be funded further.


OBDS: From multiple earnings calls, we have repeatedly heard that if their animal feasibility studies show promise, then their partners would most likely take the next steps in establishing a stronger partnership. This means they may reach a time where they are funded further.

For example, Ionis is most definitely wanting to pursue a partnership due to the nature of the OBDS technology. The technology allows for quick diffusion of drug into the body which avoids side effects of genomic drugs not reaching the target sites. We have received insight about this from vicarious studies within Ions-Pfizer relationships which showed that the adverse events from Ionis’s drugs are at the topological sites. This is because places where shots are given are normally slower diffusion zones than in the intestines.

We should see by Q3-Q4 updates to these partnerships.


Another reason why I think this time around we will see Biora execute is because they have focused their business down to the bare bones minimum so that they can execute on exactly what they need to. They have also opened an engineering lab space which will have a positive impact on their device performance and quality control during manufacturing of their product lines.


Final Thoughts:

Biora Therapeutics is nearing critical mass. We will see extreme upside if they are able to hit upon their goals this year. (FDA approval for phase 1 trial for their DDS), (OBDS meets needs for the 3 concurrent collaborators)

Current Price: $0.85

1 Month Price Forecast: $1.25

2025: $50

The company at this stage will look very different from today. They will have established a dominance in the oral delivery market with a wide moat of research and patent protection. The partnerships that they are working on today will start to bear fruit during this time.

2030: $300-600

If Biora is not bought out, we should see them bloom like Dexcom. They have a medical device that will serve the needs of patients and give doctors the feedback that they will always want to have. It will be hard for doctors who prescribe drugs to not want to use a patient compliance mechanism such as Biora’s DDS or OBDS. Another note to make is that insurance will want to have this data in hand as well. Biora will most likely have many other drug candidates in their pipelines with funding from partners to validate their drugs.

Disclosure: We own PROG securities/shares at the time of publication

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