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Biora | $0.80

After our Wednesday night twitter call, I was asked about the background of Adi Mohanti who is the CEO of Biora. From the earnings report calls, he seems to be a very confident individual and experienced in this the biotech industry.

Below I detail what his past was and how it could correlate to the transformation of Biora into a top tier biotechnology company.

Directly from Adi’s linkedin, he gives us an insight into what he has done in the past and how he has rounded experience in biotechnology.


2000-2002 - He listed his first large job as a General Manager/ Plant manager of Baxter international Inc. (Bioscience)/ Baxalta

He listed that he was the head of business for various sites across the world. He mentions that he was involved with business strategy and planning.

How is Baxalta doing now? What do they do?

Baxalta is a biotech that has 16,000 employees and is primarily involved in therapies over blood haematology, immunology & oncology.

In 2016, Baxalta was taken over by Shire for $32 Billion dollars.

Interestingly, Shire was then bought out by Takeda Pharmaceuticals in 2019 - which we do believe has a contorted interest in Biora’s RSS product line


Shire 11 years:

2002-2009 Adi Moved to Shire (which we just talked about buying out Baxalta)

Adi performed VP roles for product GM rare disease & global manufacturing and supply chain. I think this job experience is exactly what we’d want for Biora. He has the knowledge of how product supply chains work and how distribution of products work. This will be helpful in Biora’s productionization of the Technology pills that they are working on. He worked on products for rare/orphan classified diseases (means very rare and high need because no specific products available to treat)

2010-2012 - Adi moved to Switzerland (Stayed with Shre) to oversee and be held responsible over the product development from Pre-clinical all the way to Launch of the products. I believe this is another key experience a CEO needs to have as the head of Biora.

2012-2014 - Now back in San Diego @ Shire, he oversaw a weakened part of the business after some layoffs. He then ended his term there with a successful turnaround and divestiture of that business segment.



2014-2018 - Became the CEO of BioTime (Stock ticker: LCTX) - His statements here definitely tell me he comes from a mindset of transformation and rebranding - At this point in my thinking, it is easy to see, he has already changed the name of the business from Progenity to Biora. He is most likely strategically working out the partnerships to allow Biora to grow into a late stage and productionized company. I bolded some of his buzz words


2015-2020 San Francisco Member of a board:

oversaw development, spin out and take Public from start up. Diagnostics Company with lead assets in liquid biopsy of lung and several other commercial and clinical cancer diagnostic tests”



November 2020 - Present: Founded another company called EnCellX - they basically are a company that targets specific T-cells when activated. This could be helpful for a few auto-immune such as Type 1 diabetes, or even Ulcerative Colitis, Chron’s disease which Biora is currently working on.

November 2021 - Present: Biora

Final Thoughts: Seems like we have an experience person running the ship of Biora, I think he is strategic and is also doing his best to execute this year on what might change the future of the company to grow into a large Biotech.


Older Thoughts:

Biora Therapeutics is nearing critical mass. We will see extreme upside if they are able to hit upon their goals this year. (FDA approval for phase 1 trial for their DDS), (OBDS meets needs for the 3 concurrent collaborators), RSS could award the company with a large contract from a pharma as well.

Current Price: $0.801 Month Price Forecast: $1.25

2025: $50

The company at this stage will look very different from today. They will have established a dominance in the oral delivery market with a wide moat of research and patent protection. The partnerships that they are working on today will start to bear fruit during this time.

2030: $300-600

If Biora is not bought out, we should see them bloom like Dexcom. They have a medical device that will serve the needs of patients and give doctors the feedback that they will always want to have. It will be hard for doctors who prescribe drugs to not want to use a patient compliance mechanism such as Biora’s DDS or OBDS. Another note to make is that insurance will want to have this data in hand as well. Biora will most likely have many other drug candidates in their pipelines with funding from partners to validate their drugs.

Disclosure: We own BIOR securities/shares at the time of publication

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