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What does Butterfly Network do?

Butterfly is deploying the world’s first handheld wireless Ultrasound device (US) that connects to a phone.The Company operates wholly-owned subsidiaries in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Taiwan, as well as the United States.

It’s called Butterfly IQ. The noticeable benefits to this product are its cost to the physicians and useability especially in emergency rooms. Normal ultrasound equipment is large,bulky and expensive ranging from $20,000-200,000. Butterfly starts at $2,400 per probe. To you and me that’s pretty nominal and we do not have much reference, however, after doing some “probing” of my own through my network of medical professionals, this is extremely inexpensive to the alternative. After asking some of the physical therapists about the tools they use, their machine is worth $35,000. Ultrasound (US) machines also tend to wear down and get old, so eventually they will need to be repaired for 5k, or just replaced with a newer and better method. I see Butterfly stepping into this market strongly.

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