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Camber Energy | $1.04

  • Dissecting Camber and their business segments

  • ESG’s inverse brayton cycling which they have licensed to CEI

  • Thoughts on future share price

Camber Energy Business

Camber states that they are a diversified energy company, Camber intends to grow by sustaining energy using current methods as well as exploring sustainable alternatives

They are majority owned by Viking Energy Group: Who is Viking energy group and what do they do?

Viking energy (part of CEI) is owned by Simson-Maxwell

Simson-maxwell creates industrial & custom energy solutions

Here are Simson-Maxwell’s products:

Power Generation - Standalone/off grid

This product is called the prime power rated generator, which provides continuous energy over a lengthy period of time when you are essentially off grid. I can see this being used in construction and building new buildings. They also seem to be a way to power a small subdivision in times of need.

Standby Power - Emergency power when power outage occurs

Standby units essentially can last 50 hrs (2 full days of operation)

When power outages occur, this could be used in hospitals or in subdivisions that may require this level of safety. They can also be used in factories that need to stay online during brief disruptions.

Continuous Power - Another custom solution, similar to their prime power (shown above)

Continuous is used in remote areas and can supplement continuous power for extended periods of time, they also have consistent power vs the variable power. They also have cooling systems which allow the product to ensure functionality.

Simmax also is a vendor that produces engines for Volvo, Perkins, Ford, Deutz, GE & Mitsubishi

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