I will be back May 22nd

For those who look forward to my weekly emails. I really appreciate your support and encouragement. The amount of kindness I have received has been awesome! It is an honor to write these newsletters every week. Consecutively, I have wrote an article every week rain or shine for 1.5 years, amounting to 95 published posts over stocks and researching companies.

As some of you know, I am in the middle of getting my Masters in Optical Sciences at University of Arizona. My final exams are coming up and are requiring much of my time.

This has been a decision I have been battling back and forth. But I think it is best that I focus my efforts on my studies for now while we wait for the End of May catalysts.

I will still be on Twitter and Stocktwits & Reddit.

The bi-weekly twitter calls are also going to be put on hold. I plan to host one on May 25th.

By then I hope to see more information regarding the DDS product line and data which we will need to be possibly funded further from pharma partners.

I still believe that Progenity -> Biora will be a great technology company in the future, they are in the middle of a hard business transformation. I think they have the right ingredients. At this moment, it is just a waiting game.

Take care and stay strong!

Brad Mitchell

and the Optifinancial Team



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