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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

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Introduction & Succinct Overview of Progenity's Products 7:15-7:30 pm

Brad Mitchell


15% bio with inital product- 2022 - PK/PD data December PK/PD <- watch

JetCap comparison (they claim 50% bioavailability!!!) - compares and illustrates jet stream

Competition Overview (Look at Rani) 1.4 Billion as of writing, Prog valued at .44 Billion


Topics/Pictures from and submissions from the community (will update more if you send me after the call)


Research and findings from Mr Good Advisor Twitter - (@ChrisMaster700)

William Sandborne - a board member who is the leader in GI tract diseases has multiple connections to Pfizer, Abbvie (which are the rumoured partners/suitors) :

Pictures of screenshots below:


Pfizer connections of the Progenity Board member:


Digbaddee <-Twitter

Progidity - "The Tesla of biotech"

Transcript: Below:

All right. Hey there guys. I'm going to wait probably a minute or two into that, into the space to get it going here. So I was planning on getting a recording on my desktop, but it looks like Twitter doesn't have that functionality yet to, control the space meeting from the desktop. So what I'm going to do is recorded, but it won't be very good quality.

So after the meeting, if someone actually, if someone has that capability to do it, then if you could please record it and send it to me. No problem though. I will have a recording. It just won't be great audio. So, so, you know, there is a link to my website or blog kind of with all the information and like kind of talking points.

I initially wanted to see if we could get some people on to, you know, send info over to me. We didn't get anybody cause there's such short notice. So what I'm going to plan to do is do this weekly on just virginity. So company that I'm pretty passionate about and it's something that I can definitely see being a weekly event.

And I know Wednesday nights are not always typically great for people. So appreciate you guys being here in the first place. And I know today was kind of a tough day if you were holding stock, but I think this company is undervalued and fundamentally it needs to be re-evaluated. So with that you can find more on that, on my profile with the kind of like temporary it is being changed a little bit.

I'm going to update it after the call. And after I get done speaking, what I'll do is open up the floor to everybody. So with that said let's begin. So obviously you've probably invested, or you're looking at investing in this company and I just want to give you an introduction to who I am and where I come from and just kind of my background.

So just to disclaimer everything said here is not financial advice and is for entertainment only. I'm just, you know, speaking what my opinion is and just want to lay that out first. So. A little bit more about me. My name is Bradley Mitchell and I I'm an optical and mechanical engineer. I work in like clean rooms with lasers and advanced concepts in technologies.

I've seen quite a bit of technology kind of go through in my experience. I'm also surrounded by quite a few health professionals and get feedback from them as well on topics such as virginity. And I've gotten some really good feedback and helped me understand certain topics of virginity.

Another fun fact about me is I'm a type one diabetic, and I've actually been through a research study. I think it was a phase one, a research study on a drug for diabetes when I was first diagnosed in sixth grade. So what's some of those things I've just been really interested in, you know, technology and medical devices, you know, I live with medical devices and it's something I'm pretty close to and have an understanding of what works and what a patient might want, what a doctor might want.

And so after, you know, searching around and having this blog out for about a year, I've been just. Mess, you know, writing about virginity or sorry, not presented, but other companies and you know, calling price targets and things of that nature. I want to say when I came to virginity, what I saw and why I invested initially is the efficacy and safety increases of the, you know, of the pill, what it could actually do for the human or the you know, the healthcare industry and how it can disrupt that platform.

So just again, for those who are joining one just mentioned to you that there is a link to itinerary, just some like photos and topics. If you guys want to like message me either on Twitter or at my email, go ahead. I will update the itinerary and blog with your extra due diligence research.

Thoughts and opinions on what I think could be really valuable for people who are coming in or just people who just want to, you know, reestablish their conviction with this company. So today I'm going to talk about a few things and then I'm going to open up the floor for discussion. Should probably take me hopefully 30 minutes.

I'm gonna try to be, you know, succinct with what I'm talking about. So today I'm going to be talking about the three. Products in the pipeline that I believe will make Progenity a multi-billion dollar company. And the reasons why that will be why they can be at multi-billion dollar company kinda quick, you know, seed in competition, like their comp competitors within that talk.

And then I'm going to also talk about, you know, why virginity fell so hard. Why is it at $2 a share if it's going to be this multi-billion dollar company and LP, really talk about, you know, value and. Cache there's so many other factors that are, that are at play, but I'm just going to cover the fundamentals in the value.

There's some, there's some plenty, there are plenty people out there who have come from, you know, GME and, you know, short squeeze era and they have, they're much more experts than I am at that, you know, technical charting. I think true demon would be a great reference to go to. There's some others as well.

Just listening to him. Also K Thomas he's a good guy to go to on Twitter kind of, you know, he's logical and, you know, keeps, he keeps things fair and honest. So then I'm going to, after you're already talking about the survivor role, I'm going to go with some price targets that I'm forecasting, obviously that can be different from what you think, or, you know, there's just my opinions on, you know, what I see in this company now versus like other companies that are now $60 billion, like Dexcom or tandem diabetes, those medical bills.

Companies that came from like two bucks to all the way up to Dexcom, like two weeks ago at six 50. So I'm just going to talk about that and then open the floor up. So with that being said let's talk about the oral biological deliveries. Oh, God system. I think that's what it's called the OBDs.

So this, this is the pill that virginity is focusing on and has come to focus on as being one of the top hitters or the top value producers. And it's the technology. I think they need to do a better job at describing to investors and to the market. They really haven't shown how it works, which which I think is another reason why this company is kind of not been looked at very much.

They only have preclinical studies done over it. Nonetheless I'll just dive into it now. So the OBDs works by a liquid jet. So what they do, the pill is taken by the patient and the PA and the pill goes down into the targeted area of the digestive track. What they're targeting is most likely the small intestines, which is the highest uptake zone in your digestive track.

And so what this does is it at that certain spot after it detects where it's at by using its three LEDs and a sensor and machine learning, it essentially turns on a pressure releases, a pressure valve, and then jets out the, the drug liquid drug into the sides of the intestine. Now the pressure is probably Attuned to the one, like a water pick out a dentist.

That's probably the pressure that you're going to need to get the drug past the mucus layer into the, the capillary beds of the intestines. So that's really the fundamental difference between, you know, just a drug that people take. It can instead it can bypass the large intestine or excuse me, small intestines, a mucosal layer and get large molecules through before there has been really no other option.

There has been studies done on the OBDs technology. Similar competition, muco jet and jet cat. If you look at my itinerary, you'll see some jet cap it's like a red and a yellow pill kind of shows you that process and how they use a spring. But really the deepest part of virginity is they have the ability to locate anywhere in the, in, in the GI track.

They don't, and we're, I'm waiting for an extra study in 2022, which will really, really prove the value of Progenity is when they show the OBDs and fasting state and non-fasting state. So when they show the device working and. People who haven't eaten versus people who have eaten. And if they can show that they have precision with this pill, for people who are just eating eaten and have food in their system, it will be very critical.

And it will show the value of the company as cause because as from the patient standpoint, it's going to be something you're willing to take and you're going to be compliant with it. So some other applications for the OBDs would be long lasting insulin. And the reason long lasting insulin is a.

A thing that OBDs could use is recently the cost of insulin have come down substantially. So before oral insulin has not been applied to the GI tract because it was just so expensive, but because costs of insulin are coming down. Now you can use the larger volumes of insulin to basically get into the GI tract.

And especially with the ODS jet stream technology getting 15% or more bioavailability bioavailability will be a groundbreaking in that industry. Especially because this tech pill can also send a signal. To like your iPhone or your, you know, Google phone, whatever you use. And that can be used to be sent over to the doctor.

So the doctor can see a compliance and then the patient can also get the feedback that, oh, my pill did release and it didn't, you know, cut out on me. That's a big bonus to the comp competition factor. A lot of these technologies haven't demonstrated or have not had the patents that show the, their technology is transmitting information from the gut to a phone.

I mean, that, that feedback is very, very critical and that's kind of why Dexcom right now is doing very well in the industry. For diabetes, they use a transmitter on the patient's skin. Tells the blood sugar to the patient sends that info to the phone and the doctors get it, the patient, get it. And it's a very helpful tool and taking care of your health.

So for long lasting insulin, that's a great thing. It's a big market. I think there'll BDS has potential and that is just like small, like a very small list of the ODS. You know, you have other drugs and I've been talking and I'm verifying with a scientist right now about the CRISPR technologies and how viable that method would be.

There's no studies on it, but I just want to plant that in there because right now, virginity hasn't announced it nobody's announced it, but that technology if capable that that's a game changer in the future. So that's just another thing to look at. Let's see, I guess I'll move on from the OBDs the JetStream.

To the DDS, which is kind of like a, it's the same pill, but it doesn't use the JetStream. It essentially uses a low pressure gas to release drug over a certain period of time. So the DDS is being used with AbbVie right now, or excuse me, I apologize. It's being used with AbbVie's drug add Illuma MAB, or you could call it Humira.

And essentially what it does is it lines the whole, the colon. So after it passes all of the intestines, it re it can recognize, oh, Hey, I'm now into the large intestines. Now I'm going to turn on and release this drug. So they've shown Pfizer's two faceted. To have 25 times to 40 times more effective it, excuse me, not effectively, but more drug on the target location site.

This means that the patients with ulcerative colitis or excuse me, I'm blanking on the other one. The other there's two main ones shown that th that higher dosage of drug on the location site is much better than when you're taking a shot because, or like an IV or a sub subcutaneous injection.

So, Right now, when you take an injection, you get only like a very small amount of the drug to the, the treatment site. But with virginity, you can get the drug with high dosage and low, like low amounts of the drug in the system in the systemic basically reduces the systemic risk to a patient, which is very important.

I think that's why you're getting these large pharmas like Ionis you know, possibly Pfizer AbbVie or Nova Nordisk. All of those large pharmas could possibly be interested in the OBDs technology, sorry, I'm switching back to the jet stream tech because they can have increased bio availability.

Gosh, it can not speak. And what that does is. Less drug more effectively. And you know, at the end of the day, that's what you want. So one other thing on the AbbVie relationship with adilumumab you, they have a patent expiration on their drug currently on Humira Humira. And you know, this is like an $18 billion industry, and it's one of the top selling large molecule drugs ever to be sold.

That patent is expiring. believe 20, 22, 20 23. You don't fact, you know, fact check me on that, but very, very soon, and that that's going to be very important for virginity because they can actually extend the value and efficacy. For Humira. And I could see AbbVie, you know, offering a partnership and I hopefully hoping that they don't get bought out because I can see, you know virginity doing much better with partnerships.

Okay. So I'm going to move from the OB dis to DDS that, and then now I'm finishing off with the P I L D X or pill DX. And it's, you know, P I L stands for virginity ingestible lab diagnostics. And so this one is actually pretty critical. It's a, a point of care pill, which means essentially that, you know, you go into your primary care provider, like, you know, the doctor's office, right.

And so you've got something going on with your gut. You don't, you have a stomach bug or, you know, something of that nature. Well, instead of the doctor guessing giving you some antibiotics, you know, they can initially just give you the pill to yet. And within, you know, two hours that pill can pass through, it can diagnose different molecules and you'll see that Virginia, you just got a patent and granted actually in China for this type of tech like a secret, you know, looking at different strands of DNA, which can, you know, be biomarkers.

And then once the pill gets the data, it sends it out to the doctor and will most likely be processed by software giving the doctor, Hey, this is probably what they have. Then the doctor can more effectively treat. So you know, all of these things have a lot of value and, you know, I can't, you can do basic napkin math.

And it just, I mean, it's very, very interesting to see that the stock is still point, you know, four or $5 billion or the company is worth. When the leading the other competitor, which is rainy therapeutics you'll also see on the itinerary itinerary. I put a thing about rainy on there. You can click the link and it'll show you who rainy is and what they do is just very easy to see that, you know, virginity is worth more than rainy theory therapeutics, and I'm not trying to, you know, dog, any companies.

I think it's great what they're doing. However see the the problems, stumbling block, stumbling blocks and problems with rainy therapeutics technology. So it's just really interesting to see that, you know, rainy is multiplied three times, Progenity, which is very odd, but that is what it is right now.

So we may be getting the stock at a very cheap and discounted rate, especially today with that large draw, it was very hard to watch. If you have, you know, short-term expectations. I still do believe in December, we will see a substantial appreciation just due to the I'll find, you know, I'll finish out here just due to the PK PD data.

We'll be coming out for the DDS, which is the the, the, the capsule that releases over time in the colon, which treats ulcerative colitis and I'm blanking on the other one. I think it's IBD or can look it up our quarters letting me, so regardless that PKPD data basically shows, Hey, does this pill actually work?

And if it shows, does shows the efficacy and the ability to treat this'll make Progenity a more interesting partner for AbbVie or Pfizer or any of the large farmers that are trying to get, you know, increase the efficacy or safety of their drugs. So be watching out for that December data release.

That should be a pretty big catalyst for virginity. And I think I have kinda finished up here a little early from, you know, what I wrote down. I have, you know, if you have questions, please ask just kind of wanted to give you as much as I could in a short amount of time. And thanks. And I'll, I'll see if anybody would like to talk now, just raise your hand or if you want to be a speaker or just ask a question.

I think I could definitely give you an answer or, you know, maybe that'd be an action point for me.

Let's see, I got a request here. Hey, Ivanka. Okay, great. I'm about to accept you in. Alrighty. You can speak.

Hey, thank you very much. How's it going? Hey, it's going pretty good. I appreciate you tenants. Seriously. This is amazing to have all these people here and just kind of being having everyone so passionate about the company that we think has a good future. Yeah, for sure, man. It's been quite a ride, huh?

Having the space. I appreciate it. So I'm just a little curious about like the manufacturing costs behind the technology, like the pill you're describing. Do you know anything about that? Yeah, absolutely. I've got some pretty good background just for my engineering side. So the manufacturing process, once they get it up and going.

You're looking at LEDs, which are a light emitting diodes, very inexpensive, extremely inexpensive. The sensor, which is a, probably a photo sensor is also extremely sensitive. You can act ex inexpensive. I apologize. Those are kind of there you know, the transmitters and receivers, then you've got your, like your circuit card assembly, which they all connect to.

Those are very cheap. If you look online, big circuit cards, well, I know there's a chip shortage, but a big circuit cards, you know, you can make 10 of them for like, you know, $2 just custom fit boards. And then obviously the plastics and things of that nature once all put together, you know, the pill can be made, you know, each pill can probably be made for less than $10 if you're making millions of them.

So if you sell that pill for. For a hundred dollars or $2,000. Actually a Dexcom sensors are worth $1,500 base costs and then insurance pays for it because they know the future benefit. So if Progenity is to use this, they could probably, you know, make a range from 1500 or sell the pills for 1500 down to a hundred dollars a pill, and then insurance would cover the rest.

So that's a great question, actually. That is very interesting because each pill has its different manufacturing processes. So like the OBDs for instance, has. Pressurized gas, if you believe it's into its very inert gas, or basically a gas that, you know, doesn't, it doesn't touch anything or, you know, it doesn't interact.

So they'll have to pressurize it through a quick probably machine, just quick boom, pressurized to a certain tune pressure. And then it'll just pass through. So a lot of things are so small, which makes the, you know, you know, once you commit, you know, perfect the equipment that makes the pill, I don't see the cost being too much for each pill.

Yeah, that's a good question. And you know what, I think I should do a deeper dive on that as I, you know, walk through it every week. So thanks for that question. That's that's really good. Thank you very much for the answer. That was definitely. I was worried that manufacturing cost might be a big hurdle, but it sounds like it wouldn't be too bad.

Thank you very much. Yeah, absolutely. Most of the stuff like the injection molding, most of the parts will be injection molded. It's very common. So like, you know, forks, spoons, you know, all that stuff is so cheap to make. And I know that sounds weird, but I want the pill, the I, the pill part is just, it's like the IP is the most important part, which virginity obviously has 200 patents in queue.

They, I think they have 180 or so already, you know, gone through Yeah, definitely. That was a great question. Something I hadn't thought too deep on, so yeah, there's like so many stones to unturn and I hope that for us in these conversations to get to those, because that's, you know, if I can't answer it now or we can't answer it now, maybe we go back and do do some research on it and then come back to the answer.

And if it changes our fundamental, you know, thoughts on the business, then, you know, that's when we rethink things or, you know, so I really appreciate that. So thanks. If you have any more, please, please do that is really on the technical aspect. Yeah, that's really good. And not everyone knows this, but I actually applied to Progenity as a, you know, a technical lead there.

So if I do get that role, I may have to, you know, I'll stop, but I'll let everyone know that You know, hired on to make it work, so,

yeah, right on yeah, if anyone's got any thoughts or just feelings on, you know, how today was, or like regarding like even a short squeeze hypothesis, I know there's some really good, you know, thoughts on there. I just haven't you know, dove into that, that technical aspect of the company. But I do know that they have cash.

And honestly one big thing that we may do, we may have not realized we have probably turned around this company because of our, you know, investments. I know they may be, some people may be investing more, less than others, but presumably has had the opportunity through us to become a $60 billion business.

So I think for me, my 10 to 12 year outlook for virginity is, you know $400 a share. And that's just from comparing other companies like virginity at the early stage of development, such as Dexcom. And that's, you know, seeing the relationships between the two actually funny piece of info on Dexcom is virginity and Dexcom actually used the same engineering consultants to build some of their products.

So the DDS Lancer prototype the one that is going to get the PK PD data. This December we'll have has actually been worked on by Novo engineer. Which actually helped develop some, a Dexcom's applicators and stuff like that. So kinda, kind of cool to see that presented he's using reliable companies and things of that nature for their tech pills.

Yeah. Anyone feel free to just poke out. Doesn't have to be long. It can be thoughts or things like that. So let me get a recorder. I got another request here. Awesome. Tonks for stocks. Hey there it looks to me like you're connecting right now. So give you a second city, a city shrimp. I will get you on in a second.

Stay mood, stay muted while tonks for stocks interested, tries to join in and unmute.

Hello? Can you hear me? Yep. Okay, fantastic. I'm trying to formulate my questions. So just give me a minute, but it has to do with the PKP D data. And so I kind of was getting into it with someone on Twitter here just a second ago, they had a screenshot. I think this is from the earnings report meeting that they had right back in like November 10th.

And so it looks like someone was asking a question about when the upcoming PKP D data would right. Be dropped. And they're asking ADI this question and he says you know, give me a couple of weeks. You know, he's essentially only been there for a few days at that point. It's like, just give me a couple of weeks.

I essentially am interpreting this as to get my feet wet, to sort of see where things are at because as the individual also asks. You know what ADI thoughts were on timing of future design and clinical trials. So one of my questions is how in what form is this data is supposed to be released. Like typically it's going to be in some sort of publication because bio pharma, biotech companies are working in the labs, all sorts of labs, institutional labs, and university labs, and those scholars and those researchers that are doing that research work.

And I know this is also with So it also would depend, I guess, on which labs Abby's doing work and which researchers that they're funding. So there's a lot of people involved and people who have careers at stake that need to be published. Usually data has to be acknowledged in order to protect it.

Right. So they know if they're planning on releasing this more as a corporate presentation on their site, which would seem a little odd to me because there was some mention, I guess, in the screenshot of it's still under review. And when I hear that, because I am a napkin daytime among other things, and it happened out of and I work for an academic journal.

I might think about para and friends that are also genetic researchers, right. That do a lot of publishing. So when you hear a peer review, I mean, there's, there's pairing, you comes in at so many different points of research. One of it it's just, you have right. Literally peers reviewing the data like right there in the lab.

It might move up the chain. I have other reviewers, but that there's the peer review when you write for publication. And that can take a really long time. And depending on what those peer reviewers are asking, or you can go back for R and R, it might require you to run a few additional. Right to do different, different run, different staff models, or may even force you to repeat a certain experiment depending on what sector you're in.

So I'm just wondering, like when ADI Monte's talking about this is still in review, is David have any idea what he means by that? Is it it's under review. We're getting ready to publish this data in the form of a research article, which is the typical way to do it, or is it more just we're so made in for some, like, I would use scare quotes in-house reviewers in the sense that it's not about outside review.

Getting ready to publish this data. Right. But rather more internal review before we feel secure in sharing this data, maybe to like some sort of corporate presentation. I hope I framed that. Okay. Yeah. I thought that was excellent. That was such a good point. I mean, you know, initially speaking about the PK PD data for the DDS, which is on their timeline for December speaking for just that piece you know, I initially thought that, well, they haven't given it out yet.

They've probably done the studies, but they are trying to release that as a catalyst for the stock or for the company, however, You're very, very right. You know, look at preclude yet. One of your other top, you know, they're a products that's ready to be commercialized. It's still going through a peer review journal.

And so looking at some other pure medically peer reviewed products and just things of that nature they can take up to, you know, two to three months, maybe even more six months from what I've seen. Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, no, I was just gonna say yes, depending on how those, what the reviewers say can take even longer.

It would depend on whether they're going to ask for other analysis getting done with the data or correct. Anyway, it can take a long time. That's your, your opinion and thoughts are really, really those are still valuable. I really appreciate that. I'm actually have to do a little more digging on that.

Cause you know, my first, you know, feeble mind was thinking, okay, so they're, they've got these bullet points on the, you know, Hey, December data you're right. So, and they give you that kind of that band of time, like, Hey, it's going to be anywhere in this time period. So I was thinking, Hey, they're probably going to be finishing answering questions at this point.

However you could be right. They could just say, Hey, we've got great data, but we can't show you because we have some other things. We've got a. Yeah, correct. Before we

Yeah, that's a hundred percent. That could actually be a I mean that, yeah, I, I will have to look into that further. Thank you so much the only, and the only reason why I'm raising that is because I think there's individuals that don't know how the publication process works. And so I will just say, I really, like, I have people who are really close to me that run genetics labs that are named after them that are published.

And I know how complicated it can be to publish both in the natural sciences and in other scientists like social sciences. So I'm just like, well, I don't, you know my auntie is saying, give me a couple of weeks. I really think he's saying, let me just get my bearings and see where things are at. I haven't even been oriented yet.

Like I haven't even been fully onboarded here, but I was just like, I don't think it can get, I mean, a last, literally they know, like maybe it's in round two peer review and it's, and it's going really well. Like then I might be able to say, yes, this article's going to be even in a pre-print form or something like in two weeks, unless you have that.

I don't think it can really say the date. Right. I was like, unless they're going to release the data in some other way, but I want to caution patients, like sometimes there can be hold ups because of the, even the reviewers themselves might be a little late for any number of reasons, right? Yeah. COVID or remote work, you know?

Yeah. That's that's right. That's let's stay in touch after this and maybe we can dive deeper on that. Cause I I definitely think. You know, my first thought was the press release. However you're very right. It can be a press release of like, Hey, we got the data in. It's great, but we can't show you anything, which a lot of people could see that as a negative or, you know, red flag kind of thing.

But you know, that, that makes a lot of sense, but it would be so normal. It's typical in this particular sector. That's why I'm like, I just want to caution people who don't know like how complicated it is to be patient. Like I will make sure I, in my next few, you know, studies and research, you know, when I get time to sit back down, I'm gonna just make sure I go through that.

Thank you so much for your thoughts. We'll stay in touch. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Thank you. I'm going to add a one, so thank you very much for those like really incredible thoughts. I'm going to, I have this on recording. Unfortunately it wasn't on the desktop because Twitter hasn't added that functionality.

So it's. Kind of bad recording. So if anyone has recorded this, please just send this over to me. But yeah, I'm definitely gonna go back and look remember what she just said, because those were some pretty critical points to announce like precluding. That was one that needs a journal publication because it's, even though it's commercially viable and commercially ready, they're still going through a peer review and journal review on it.

So let me get some people who've requested city shrimp you're up. And then CRA then the other two who are just crazy six, nine, and Mr. Kahn, I will add you guys on, I'm just going to order, so city shrimp, you're up. Thank you so much, guys. This is amazing.

I think, you know, your journals are your articles probably touch upon those at some point, but maybe I just missed it. But predators that we should be aware of that is building something similar, building something that could be, you know, a competitor to Progenity is. Since that's, I guess to me, that's one of the major concerns that I have, which I don't know much about biopharma. So it's hard for me to do the research and figured out, oh yeah, this guy's making money.

This guy's making something better. So I'm hoping to hear from experts to see if there's some other companies that we should watch out for. And yeah. So, yeah, that's a great question. And I've been burned in the past by investing in like a biotech with, they came out with great da data on their phase two results, but another company, like three weeks earlier posted better results.

So it's very, yeah, that's really great. And I do have an article on that. It's pertaining to S six competitors that have isolated for the technology. The one competitor that I can see being. Well, actually I believe there's two technology pill, competitors that will be, you should watch closely are rainy therapeutics and they have a ticker symbol, R a N I.

And if you go look through my competition articles I posted it on the itinerary. There's like a little blink there. If you click it, he'll kind of walk you through that list. But rainy therapeutics is the one that injects a needle into the intestines and releases like a capsule, however, technologically, and just from my engineering background and the how many mechanisms it takes to actually get that to happen is serious, serious engineering fee that they're going to have to come over.

Their value rainy technologies or sorry, rainy therapeutics is valued at 1.4 billion. So they're actually. The market leader incredibly, which I don't believe they should be, but that, you know, because they don't even have the partnerships that virginity has presented. It has three partnerships with Ionis and two large pharma and rainy hasn't shown that.

So, yeah, that's a good one. And then the other one is jet cap, but I will leave that to just look at the article I wrote. And then there are two other medical drug companies that are trying to like get long lasting insulin, oral insulin through a pill, but they're using permeation enhancers, which honestly, if they can be successful, that's a great news for Progenity as well, because in Virginia, you can just leverage that.

I, you know, that IP for their pill. So any, you know, good news and the tech, you know, oral drug delivery around virginity is probably a good thing. If you look at like CA or assault, And a and V S with one of them there, these are all timers companies and, you know, one company posted really good results in the other one posted results.

And they both did really well and the correlated to each other. So, yeah, there's some instances when competition can be a really good thing. So thanks city shrimp. Hopefully did I get a good answer for you? Yeah, no, that's great. So just, I guess none of these companies in your, I guess, you know, our views are all sort of bias, right?

But in your view, these companies have checked that that is better than what virginity is. Right. I believe that virginity is a dominant leader in how far ahead they are. If you look at all the clinical data and clinical studies that they've done and actually have had results from, you can see that they're, you know, they have the most data and, you know, at the end of the day, if you look at companies like Tesla, They're the company that has the most data for autonomous driving.

Right. And so looking at, you know, EVs and see how far ahead they are in their market share now as the, as the market has reevaluated Tesla things like that. So, yeah, that's a great question. Yeah. Thanks city sheriff. That great. I'll have to keep updated on that stuff too as well. I mean, that always got to keep aware of your competition, especially if something fundamental does change.

I will let everyone know as soon as I know. So thanks. Okay. Let's go. Who is next? Cray six, nine. How are ya?

Oh, you're requested. Sorry, hold on. Let me add you in.

Sorry about that. Thank you. First of all, thank you for hosting this space call. I'm very honored to have everyone here.

A wonderful let's see. I'm just wondering does anybody else feel like the timeline got pushed out a little further here? What, what basically, if that's okay. Yeah. I'm just gonna level with you. I am way, way in over my head and I lost almost everything, you know, and and yeah, not basically have no money left at all.

So fill out your question about most recent patch. You just go over what this is. Could you give me the, which patent are you referring to?

Methods systems that compose the compositions for county. Oh, right. Okay. Right. Absolutely. I'll help you out here. So that one is a patent that's protecting the, the DNA secret, like the method of detecting biomarkers in the gut. So I double my facts here. I don't, you know, I'm not, I haven't dived in really.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Let me get some people who've requested in really quick. But yeah, so basically I need to dive into that deeper. I've read over it briefly, but didn't do like my due diligence. The whole entirety of it. But what I've got from that is it's further PIL DX platform. It's a diagnostic platform that allows them to collect biomarkers, to diagnose disease.

So like for CBO, for the pill DX, that's probably where the patent would be protecting.

Yes, absolutely. Thanks for the question, man. I'll, I'll double, you know, and I'll make that an action to right over that and do some more research on that. Thanks.

Let's see here. Who joined after? I think it, Mr. Khan, 74. How are you getting. Good. I think another potential guys that I mentioned, we take stock

and as you mentioned, it really do color and my girlfriend, Hey, Mr. Khan I'm having a slight trouble hearing you clearly. Could you see if you can try and speak again? See if you can fix. Mike A. Little bit further is they don't know.

So like I was saying that in my opinion, it's not a financial advice when it tanked, they didn't, but mine did strong, pretty big printed plus, and I have some points, job, you know, sport my kids, first of all focusing too much on Pfizer. The Pfizer medicine is Jenkins, which has market cap of approximately two to $3 billion.

But if you go to their presentation, you will see Progenity is focusing mostly on. I do my bed, which is Humira and the market gap of when people are in color. And the good thing is they are creating Humana as IBDs plus DDD. So then that in 19 Camila India put different platforms, not on one platform or don't put different platforms and.

The second thing is about that PKPD data. That's the top line or a daily bed, which is Humira and toppling data is expected as per their official website before the end of this month, like only 30 days left and did not claim that you don't have to go to all. They cannot put embark on it. You cannot have you get a tailgate.

It's kind of tricky. Peer reviewed. We have the data, but we can not publish it. If you are in IO stocks, when they tell you that we are going to publish top-line data, then they just published.

they're holding topping data. We do have that, but we are unable to share it with our shareholders. Let's start that. Good to have you might've seen many stocks. They crash because their top line data is back and managed because their top selling data is good. So I'm 90% sure that before the end of the month, they will release officially the bottling data as a PR

did not know what that was. So. I am 90 potential, like are not an insider. I could be wrong, but I'm sure that Bob would be very good because if you look at their, I came for look at their presentation flight, right in the Q1 of next year, did photography in the clinical study or the clinical crying of Humira based upon desktop line data.

So they have already scheduled in the clinical study. Only do this thing. If you are a hundred percent sure that your database is good. And then you already planned, you already scheduled for your pre-cleaning or dark pre-clinicals the clinical study being initiated clinical trials and intuition of the clinical trial.

Six months not. I was chatting with bread on stock. If clinical

results, when the good. Debbie, the, a building board between everything Pfizer and I don't know how many companies would like to buy this one other company, I think Nova Nova Nordisk for their okay, sorry. Sorry. Yes. And so, because the next in that pool or the second house, each second half of drinking, you do any good, the clinical crying, both all feel better on period, Trump.

It means if that clinical trial is good, they're good for FDA approval. If you look to their fireside check, they go to phase two trials of his three trials because it's already approved by FDA. So once you know, your top line PKPD data is good. And then after six months, you know, your initial clinical trial are good, then you are 99%.

Sure. They finally got plain data will be good as fat. And if deck data is good and it gets approved by FDA, which will be definitely then divert off the company just based upon Humira will be more than 10, $20 billion for who we buy this company for a hundred dollars. But shit in bull bunt. It's pretty difficult.

If I look at epi, I would buy this company cheap Bishop on dataset, clinical resilient, literally in six months. So anyone who is depends, just holding your chairs for few months, and again, not a financial advice, but based upon next few years, I'm telling you, Julie, be very happy with your, whatever.

Thanks. Thank you. Mr. Khan, for your thoughts and conviction. I appreciate that. And thanks for clearly speaking through that that in the timeline. Yeah, I think we, as a group of like, kind of like a hive mind, it's just so important to listen to others and get that feedback. So I appreciate that.

That's really helpful. And for those who are listening, I think the whole, you know, not financial advice like Mr Khan said but I believe this company has, you know, is massively undervalued. And it's just a matter of, you know, data and science, you know, and that will, you know, and understanding how that future can possibly become a much larger.

Yeah. And one more thought on that. Buyout, you know, Aview would be very smart to buy virginity. And part of me thinks that virginity would actually accept an offer. And hopefully, you know, if they didn't accept the offer to be bought out you know, I think they do well either way. So so thank you so much.

Let's let's keep moving on here. Let's see here. I'm sorry. Let me get to the requests going on. Ellias did you have a thing to say, Hey, what's going on guys, man, what a week we've been having? With good dog. What's good. Man, quite a few of you I gotta say I'm pretty humbled by the recent falling.

It kind of shows really not what we say, but the strength of Prague. And the last time I remember this was when AFC was blowing the fuck up. And it was like the same sensation when, like I just covered Prague on nine 30, September 30th, there was some DD by cat do 4 20, 69 on Reddit. And that D like checked all my checklists.

I was like, okay, I gotta look at the Orca. Those numbers are good. I looked at everything else. You know, those numbers are right. I look at the gap fill. I'm like 90% of gaps filled. This is fucking perfect. This is day two. And so quickly I started practice that is starting to go up in the Reiki. It's the fourth restraint of Prague, like number one sentence, we score.

And we're going from like, You know, 66 cents a dollar, a dollar 50, $2. The people at work are looking at me like, bro, how much you make? I'm like keeping my mouth quiet to craziest. Right. Right. And I think, you know, that really was that squeeze initially that the people caught on and now we've moved on into a phase where that squeezes done, but we've got such a strong, fundamental play.

Now that like, in my opinion, yet two 70 today, like that's insane. How did.

That is ridiculous. As soon as I finish tomorrow, once I liquidate one of my other positions, it's all going back to progress, super dip. Like this is the mega dip and what Mr. Khan was saying. I definitely agree. Like within one year, I'm not saying financial advice, you put a long call and say, this is double digit in one year.

I feel like I'm going to make my money on that. You know? And like, definitely who's going to keep Prague at $2. There's no chance. So yeah, if there's people who are bag holding up in the fives and sixes, I've got a best friend, one of my workers, she's up there in the fives and he's hurt, bro. I'm like, okay, listen right now, if you sell it, that's where you take your, oh, you either take it and you need it.

You gotta pay your bill. No problem, bro. I'm not going to be mad at you. You know, you played it. We made a little money here and there go for it. But if you don't need to sell it, if it's not hurting your pockets, not financially. Leave that shit sitting in there by a cheap as fuck. You know, give it some time.

I guarantee you. I guarantee you by this time next year, you going to tell me next Christmas, this is $2. Get the out of here. There's no way we're popping pets left and right. It's like all over Reddit. All the time shorts we sub turn into pro.

I'm still here. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry about that. My alarm went off. I mean, it's just a Saturday. Like the F the following is crazy and I just want to emphasize something. I keep anyone who's been following me here will attest to this. I keep it real shit. If you sell yourself, if you buy, you buy, if you take a lick, you take a look today.

I was down $25,000. You know what? Hey, that's on me. That's my investment. You know, that's my money. You know, I'm not blaming no one for their DD failing. Let me timing my times wrong or this or that, but I'm still here, you know? And there's a market will correct. This COVID stuff will fade. The inflation stuff will fail.

We might lead a little bit more, but this is the game we all agreed to play. Right? Like we all came and said, Hey, we're going to play the stock market. I understand there's going to be events where my money might go down. Like, you know what, that's the name of the game. If it hurts you to the point where your bills are on the stake, like to pick your money, like, don't be stupid.

Don't worry about diamond. He has no one's going to come after you just because you have to go pay a bill or because you want to write yourself a Christmas. Check me personally. I'm bleeding hardcore today, but I'm really just trying to cash out so I can like write myself 20 grand and like pay off a couple of dozens, I guess, for everybody.

So like a day, like today's like, come on, man. Like give me something green. Right. But I'm a hole. I'm a hole. I think things are going to correct maybe by the dip. Good paychecks coming up. Cool. Put half in stocks. You know what I mean? Again, not financial advice. Just take your time by whatever dips you, when you see these like massive, massive dips, like AMC is now 28 bucks.

When's the last time you had 28. It was months ago. You know, that it's just caused by like the, like the market makers and all this correction by it. Like, you know, again, financial advice, but you get the idea like these are massive, massive discounts all around. But you gotta be careful, you know, manage the risks.

Set a stop loss actually got burnt by a stop-loss. I put out a play TTP. And it read like 150 something percent, like in the middle of the day. And I had to stop myself for, while the passes out like four and a half, I put like 20 granted the thing hit $4. And I had no idea I was busy at work. And so it went down to 3.7.

I was like, Ooh, if I saved myself, that's all gonna be up to like, I dunno, five or $6, something absurd. And I was like, motherfucker, I could've made a quick five grand five minutes, but you know what? Hey, I walked away with 150 bucks. I took my L on the timing. Now I learned a little something and that's the game I chose, you know?

So guys, relax, take your time, learn, learn a lesson from your failures, learn lessons from your wins, you know, just keep compounding. And that's all I got for you guys. You're such a leader. Appreciate that.

Thank you, sir. Thank you. Anyone who really, you know, to take these advices sometimes, really tomorrow, if you're like losses are like going crazy, like guys, this is the worst day in my personal stocks trading like of this year. This is 26 years I had to look at, but I didn't sell shit. I'm like, damn, that's crazy.

All these gains. And one, one guy tweets about inflation in my portfolio. What the fuck am I supposed to do about that? But. We're all here and we're all here together. We all go make money together. Everybody's sharing information online and take it with a grain of salt research. It, I bought Fintel. I bought more texts.

I want wanted to be better and fun. Do what you gotta do to be better and fun, to make better traits. It will pay off in yet. Yeah. Thanks. Great, great thoughts there. I need to probably look at getting into the technical stuff and understanding the, the dark pools and things of that nature. So, yeah.

Great, great thoughts there, man. Let's stay in touch too. I think there's a lot we could come up with further on this company. So we're definitely, we're going to do this every week every week on Wednesday. So just, you know, everybody send me what you've got due diligence research, things of that nature, and I will post those on the blog or wherever Reddit, wherever we need to post.

No go for us to say if anybody's holding bags and other stocks, like AGC was one of my big cause. So I know a lot of people fall in with that. You know, I'm like crushed on calls. But if you're holding any bags of any tech today, you know, just sit tight and definitely just look at it, look at it a little bit of DD and just strategize on the weekend.

Try to try to really let it sink in. Like how today felt if you are, if you came ahead and you actually went green today, Hey, good job. You beat the market, you know, and pat, pat, on the back, if you went in green today, that's a massive, massive pat on the back. Don't be afraid of off for that. So that tattoo just a thread.

Hey man, if we get double digit, if we didn't have $20 in probably the next few months tattoos, I don't give a fuck. And then, and then I said, it's AMC, it's a thousand. I will get a gorilla where they MC attendant as well. So those are some good CCC. Somehow. I'll tell you what here I'll do this. Live on set can be downstairs.

If AGC runs before 1217, and I make 15 grand out of it and I will post my trade, I will tattoo and taxi cab with logo, grab on it and come up with like a frog. PROPRICER some extra shit throw in there. Well, cool. Thanks. So that's, that's noted. All right, well, let's keep this back onto the Prague train and Ellis.

I appreciate that, man. All right. Yeah, dude. Thank you so much. Let's see. We, did we have somebody else? I think we've. All day, I think. And then the SU sushi man find on sushi. What, which one of you guys wants to go first? I think yeah, I'll, I'll, I'll go first, I guess. Let's see. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks so much for this space call. I probably joined a bit late because I'm based in Singapore where Greg was founded the tea now was a hit, so I kind of woke up for work not long ago. But yeah, I mean two things, I mean, firstly, building on I think he's a great guy.

And I'm also holding, you know, cost of admission. I'm like fall 16 and I mean like the thousands and thousands of shares. So, I mean, anybody's used that, you know, don't worry, I think if anything, just kind of wait and see, but I think there's on a pivot back to solve like the business of virginity, right?

I'm not sure if you covered this in your earlier part of the call, but, but with respect to its premium collision tests that people just want to know is the commercialization on licensing of debt, probably a near term catalyst come through like the PKPD or EDS or TDS and also catalyst. Or I just want to know your thoughts on those tests and whether that could be a.

Yeah. Yeah. That's, that's a great question. I did not cover too much in detail on that, so yeah, that's a great question to get to yeah, so with regards to precluded, so that's the diagnostic test, the rule-out test for her you know, pregnancy it's hypertension in pregnancy, you know so a lot of us probably understand or have seen what it is, what's it they've shown 99% from their early, early posts on their press releases like showed 99% accuracy.

And so the CEO has said that it is commercially ready. However, it's embargoed for what they've stated is a journal. Peer reviewed journal. And so you'll see a few people on StockTwits. I think his name's grad off, or his name is Greg Roth. I'm sorry. He he's kind of been the preeclampsia or precluded expert there.

But so for, in regards to where that is on the timeline, if you look at their, their financial Q3 slides, you can see that they are expecting a licensing agreement or licensing deal with precluded and the first half probably Q1 the first quarter of next year. So anywhere from January till, you know, March, you know looking at that, and it's kind of like, you know, darker band in February, it looks like however, I have some more detail on that.

And it was brought to me from someone who had done a lot of research on the. Which was a partner in with Progenity on developing precluded. Actually Nick Tara sued virginity two in two places and essentially they settled, they settled this lawsuit, right. And because they settled the lawsuit and then looking deeper into Nitara is like their, their financial statements and like their press releases.

This is really fascinating. But Natera has disclosed that they are in a negotiation or a process with an undisclosed company because they're not disclosing the company because they believe it would affect the deal. But they're, they have paid $10 million upfront for this company, this undisclosed company to develop a commercialization and execution plan.

With the lab assets. And so funny thing is on virginity statement. I think it was a Q2 statement. They actually had $10 million of revenue that was kind of not talked about. It was, you know, it was just $10 million of revenue that just was kind of out of nowhere. Thanks. Excuse me. So essentially in the Tara after this has a $290 million payment, if they execute this, like, you know, this, if the undisclosed company most likely virginity if they execute this plan and the Tara will, you know, pay upfront 290 million to.

This Progenity most likely and that, you know, those, those things are just really interesting to me because I think what's going to happen. And this is, you know, speculation here, but I think what's going to happen is because of the terror and Progenity are so closely related, but the Terra is like a genetics lab testing company.

I think what's going to happen is virginity is going to sell off that the Vero lab. And they also are going to sell rights to preclude yet. However, I think they're still going to get royalties from precluded, which will be good. I think virginity is still has a state will have a stake if they sell it, which will be future revenue for from that product.

So, yeah. Thanks for that. And I definitely think by February, March, we will have an answer.

Yeah, absolutely. I hope that answered you in a good enough way or form that right for you. Yup. Yup. So, so, so it seems like the OBDs and indeed yes. Are the main candidates that we should. Yeah, they've stated that they're moving to precision medicine and if you look at who they're hiring, they've been hiring like systems, engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers lead, you know, they've been trying to hire people who can develop stuff like that.

And instead of more, you know, technology-based versus you know, like biologics and scientists and stuff like that. So thanks. Let me thanks a time. Thanks sushi, man. I will make sure to drop follow there so I can stay in touch with all you guys. Let me make sure I'm following all. Y'all really quick.

Okay. Cool. Let's see. Okay. So who else is, let's see, who's next? Prog oh, frigidity returns. Okay. I think you can speak if you'd like, I'm sorry if I missed you earlier.

There we go there. And the whole Braveheart speech plan, but you guys took forever to get to me. So honestly, I was watching too hot, two frogs on each other on that geo just a second ago, you called my name. So what's up. Hey, there notice you requested to speak. And I remember that you have invested quite a bit with Prague into Prague and you're a real estate.

Correct me if I'm wrong. Real estate investor as well. So, yeah, so a couple of days this doc kinda came into my life where I kind of feel like everything is coming full circle. Cause I got into real estate and my company name has always been serratus, you referring to those things. So then when the stock and I was like, well, just switch a room.

It kind of matches the kind of fits. But also I used to do clinical trials, like ID.

Jake back when I was serving tables to simply supplement income and it was meant for me then also I had a Tesla back in 2016 and that first one in 2019, I kept paying attention to the stock as well, because I've been driving a car for so long. I'd been probably put 80,000 miles in autopilot driving to, and from Vegas when I was living there part-time and I was like, man, that just the technology behind this company is so crazy.

And. They're years ahead of their competition really decades almost. And you said it right as the data is what matters. And honestly, Tesla has always been a tech company before a car company and they had to build the tech before the car. And so virginity is that tech company and they're just the pill is the delivery just like Tesla's car is.

And I think I was one of the first ones to say that on Reddit, I got called out and this, this guy said, I said, I called it robot pills. Cause it kind of is. And I said, they're the testimony of the medicine industry. And people are like a clown, but I know that I bought $55,000 worth of Tesla stock because I knew they were doing like a model three announcement or something.

And I figured out it's going to spike. And that next one. I made five grand in like 30 seconds. And I sold his deli, not even taking into consideration anything in the future. So then I proceeded to watch the Tesla short squeeze, which I knew nothing about a short squeeze at the time over the following year or so.

And I missed out on a little over a million and a half in today's price. And so I tended that tweet to my, to the top of my page. I said, I'm not going to miss out on that opportunity again. I am down around a hundred thousand on Prague right now, probably less because it's not taking into consideration the money I'm making on selling covered calls, which by the way, if you have a lot of sheers or really any shares and you want to make short-term income while the stock price is dropping, ideally you want to sell covered calls on a day that it's spiking.

And I hope I'm not selling covered calls to any of you guys, because so far I've collected like 99% of the premiums. I would try to stay away from buying call options, not financial advice, but if you have shares, maybe sell covered calls and just wait on the price to go back up, but there's no way in hell this company.

You know, going down. I mean, if I have to fly out to San Diego in a frog outfit and take pictures for you guys, I'll do it, but I'm not selling. I kind of wish maybe I sold at the top because I felt like it was a top because I missed that with AMC. I doubled my money on AMC. On June 2nd, I, I bought in at $38, made 70 grand didn't sell, added, added a bunch more at $50 a share, and it went up to 65, didn't sell.

And then I ended up losing a bunch of money bored of it. And I got out of that play got into another one, bad timing, ATR lost more money. And I was down to like my last 70 K throbbing account that, that into Prague at $2 and 20 cents a share that very day, they announced the offering. It dropped to a dollar 90 in like 20 minutes.

And then it kept going down on $1 25. This is the first stock I actually did my own research on. And I was like, holy crap, this is a gold mine here. I mean, as long as no fundamental news comes out this negative, there's nothing that's going to scare me here. And all I'm going to do is accumulate more and more shares.

Yeah, that's right. And that's exactly my same mindset. If the fundamentals have not changed about the business value, then there's no reason to sell. Obviously we're all speaking on non-financial advice, but again, we're, we, you know, I think people who found this company kind of tend to stick just because I can see, oh my gosh, I actually liked this company.

We don't have that standout CEO that Tesla has let you know, everyone knows Elon Musk, but

yeah. I mean, audio sounds like a car almost, but no, I'm just kidding. Sorry. But anyway yeah, I think Virginia. Fundamentals of where they are with the data that they've collected and their progress. And honestly, just from the engineering standpoint of understanding of how it works, I understand this company.

It's something I can completely understand. There's some, you know, aspects I don't have a full grasp on, but I can, I'm willing to take that risk just because of where they are and what I've seen in other companies versus this one. So thanks again for your thoughts. Yeah. Thanks again for joining and appreciate everyone here.

It's just an honor to have everyone, you know, joining for this call. Like deeply, deeply honored. It's just something so cool. I can't stop writing about it. So you do you do that and I'll post all the frog

rocket emojis and Prague mean, or. So smart when it comes to the tech side and that's right. All right. Hey, thanks. Oh, Hey, thanks so much. All right, I'm going to move up to let's see, we got dog as a dog. She's actually, or yeah, she has here. I'm gonna get you in. Sorry. Let me get you again. Sorry to do that.

I have this till eight 30. So is it okay if I run over to this next speaker here? All right. You too. Thanks so much. All right. Roz. Gotcha. You guys all talking about the the progress and make one by the technical is the, the price action of the stock of this dying two to six and then six to 92.

Yeah. I'm not an expert on the technical side. It seems like, you know, from my out scoped out view, there's like a lot of macro factors, like kind of like the pill, I, excuse me, like the Omicron variant of COVID, but that probably isn't the biggest factor. I would have to kind of defer to someone like true demon or, you know, Mr.

Khan or someone who has more experience there. I

just product's been going down. For the past four or five trading sessions market was just down today. Yesterday was fine and probably was still down. And two days before that, so Prague has been going down irrespective of the market actually today was no different. I agreed to them, everything was down, but obviously we're going down to the past four or five more than that a training.

Right. Yeah, and I think there's a lot of attributing factor factors to that there may be a retail wane. So a lot of this was retail. I believe I could be wrong. A lot of this was retail. A lot of money came in due to like the retail investing crowd for like the short squeeze aspect of Progenity.

And when that narrative changed, it probably had a sell off due to people saying, okay, well this stock isn't going to go up like $50. So I think I'm going to move my shares out and that could be a case there. And also it just seems like people are starting to see a timeline that they're, you know, not, not willing to, you know, they're not certain that it's going to go up so fast.

That's what I'm thinking. I could be very wrong and that thought, but yeah, someone else has thoughts. Yeah. I just want to put it in my 2 cents real quick. Yeah. So I've been following with true demon since. Prague was at probably a dollar 30 and I just got it around like $2. And I followed that ride all the way up to $6.

It was a great concern, but a lot of that momentum came from retail investors that didn't do any actual fundamental research on the company. So a lot of these, you know, swing traders trying to swing up on the ride, get, get hype train, you know, so a lot of people kind of just pulled out when they saw that steam burned down because they didn't understand that the company still has a good outlook and they just were banking on a lot of these, you know, financial.

You know, I guess Twitter analysts that put out, like we're probably going to go up tomorrow and they set these high expectations that when the next day, if it's down 5%, you're going to pull your stuff out because they think that Twitter guy was wrong. And that happened across the board. As you can see with AMC is down to about 29.

Last I checked, I think GME went below 200 recently even see Izi was like a big competitor in the realm of small cap squeezes. And now they're almost going to go somewhat dollar. And they were about the dollar 60 when I was considering investing in them. So a lot of it is just retail investors going on a hype train and not so much looking at the fundamentals of the company.

And if you look at this company, fundamentally, you'll see all the good outlook, the new pads getting improved, a lot of good things that attribute to a good company and not just a good short squeeze. Thanks. Thank you so much for that insight there. Thank you very much dank. I appreciate that. Guys, we are running out of time here.

It's 8 32. I scheduled this Tate 30. And just to respect everyone's time, I think you know, this will conclude our space call for this week and, you know, thank you very much. This was amazing to hear from you guys. Lots of insights and I'm going to have to go back to and look at and have a lot of actions on my side.

Feel free to stop by my web. Or just message me on Twitter. If you have any research I'd love to get more, you know, if you find something I didn't even get to cover William Sanborn today. So that's something, if you go look at my itinerary, you can definitely look at, look at that connection with Pfizer.

So thank you so much. If anyone wants to say one last word, please do and feel free to just log off guys. Thank y'all and talk to y'all, you know, throughout the weeks.

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