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ARKX: After we mentioned this stock last week, it stayed pretty near its price and is flat. We think that it will stay flat but will spike on the UFO news from the pentagon.

Apple: the stock price fell a bit from last week, we still are very bullish on this company as it is going to continue to make money from iPhones and maybe create an innovation such as the iCar. 



Make your portfolio magical! Mind Medicine is looking at an alternative approach to treating depression with psychoactive ingredients. 


Earnings report coming up Tuesday, May 11th premarket that will define the direction Palantir share price moves. (Hint: It’s going up!) 


MindMed: MNMD

This company is aiming to go through the FDA clinical trial process to get different molecule compounds approved by the FDA for use by patients who have mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, adult ADHD, and addiction. This company just went on the Nasdaq stock exchange on April 27th and has come down from its highs of $5.86 per share. It currently sits at $3.89 a share with a ~1.5 Billion Market capitalization. The current mental health revenue is projected to be 28 billion this year because of the pandemic, in previous years it was 14 billion but steadily growing. This means if MindMed could capture around 10-20% of the market, its shares would skyrocket. We think this company has great potential as these psychoactive ingredients have many studies showing they do help with depression. Their safety profile should be very good as the Psilocybin compound has shown to be non-toxic and is produced naturally from mushrooms. Source

This biotech has the most compounds and will most likely prove to be the most resistant against failure since they have plenty of compounds to try out.  We will not know the results of the studies from this company for 2 years or so, so you have plenty of time to wait and buy-in. We would suggest looking at this company over time and buying up shares if it ever drops below $2.

This stock price could go to $20-30 a share (7.5 Billion - 12 Billion in market cap.) upon a successful FDA approval of one of their drugs which would be in 5-6 years from now. It is also highly likely to be bought out before their FDA approval since the safety of these compounds is already known to be good and if they have success in their 2nd phase of clinical trials, it may be enough for larger biotech to buy them out which would propel their stock price to $40-50 before FDA approval due to the forward earnings that they could have under the patent-protected molecules. 

Price Forecast

We expect it to be a very volatile, possible chance of spiking due to hype before coming back down to current share price levels.

Current Price: $3.89

One Month Target: $3.50

One Year Target: $6.00

Two Year Target: $14.00

We think this is a buy long term. You should see this price go below its current price, but it may spike in the near term because of the hype surrounding this company. 


Palantir: PLTR

We are back to covering Palantir because once again, we think this company has a very strong growth in its future. This company has emerged as the leader of AI tools and is investing in itself heavily just like Amazon did. There is constant news of this company gaining contracts with government and private companies. Incredibly, Amazon is even using their services which goes to show that they are very useful. They are working on more transparency as they worked for the government and had many secret contracts that they started on. They are going to infiltrate each industry quickly and will become a powerhouse that licenses software out to improve other company’s efficiency and also at the same time innovating on top of what they have. This will move very fast in the next five years. It may be wise to continue to consider Palantir as AI does not seem to be stopping. 

For these earnings, we will see more of the revenue that Palantir is bringing in from private companies as well as government contracts. We think this will grow increasingly over time as companies realize that AI is a competitive edge. On May 11th, we expect this stock to skyrocket to $28 a share on hype and realization that this growth is only starting!

Price Forecast

Right before the earnings we expect extremely large volatility. It could spike before the earnings report. 

Current Price: $23

One Month Target: $28

One Year Target: $40

Two Year Target: $65

A fun fact about the company chairman Peter Thiel is that he does not think Bitcoin is a good thing for the US economy and says it could be an economic weapon that China could utilize in overturning the US dollar as the world standard. For you, cryptocurrency lovers, beware that the US may impose high taxes on it and more regulation which could drop the price. Palantir could potentially receive government contracts to help use AI to track Bitcoin transactions.

Buying a call option the morning before earnings on May 10th and then selling in the afternoon before close could be wise on an earnings runup.

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