Nio, Crispr, and Palantir


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Kempharm: We called KMPH at $9.85 a share to reach $16 a share upon an FDA approval, we hit it perfectly as it went up to $17 upon approval news then trended downward. They will now compete in the ADHD drug-making market.

Plug Power: We called PLUG to reach $53-55 a share last week, however, the broader market fell and took many of the speculative tech stocks down. It is sitting at $40 a share and upon stimulus news this week, we could see it rise back to $47-50.



Chinese electric vehicle maker

Crispr Therapeutics

Genetic editing stock that could fuel a revolution in curing many diseases, fell from its all-time highs of $220 and is at $115.

Palantir Technologies

Opening their artificial intelligence software up to commercial companies. Amazon Web services are now utilizing Palantir’s software.


Nio: NIO

Nio is an electric vehicle maker out of China. They create cars and are working on the development of an autonomous driving feature. Their EV battery technology is impressive as well. Their current top of the line battery range is 400 miles. They announced a newer version of their battery that will be able to travel 600 miles. It's expected to come out next year. 

Their stock has had an amazing run this year, up over 971%. However, in the past month the stock has fallen with the rest of the growth sector. It's down from $62 to $38.80 at the time of writing this. This was due to the overall market moving down and Nio’s earnings report. We wanted to take a look at the actual earnings report because we think this company is setting itself up nicely to be a huge success in the EV sector. 

Price Forecast

Current Price: $38.80

One Month Target: $43

One Year Target: $75

Two Year Target: $120

After an insane run in the past year, the stock will most likely calm down and really need to prove itself to investors before it takes off. Taking a look at Nio’s earnings, they were not as strong as a lot of investors would have liked. But, they weren't bad and they showed some potential. “While the company’s loss per American Depositary Share was wider than expected at about -$0.14, revenues came in slightly ahead of expectations growing 46.7% sequentially to about $1.02 billion, driven by stronger deliveries of the ES8, ES6, and EC6 vehicles.” The loss per share is not really a good thing, but Nio is spending the money to improve their tech, their production, and really just work on growing the company. 

The last things we wanted to look at are the upside and downside to Nio. One of the big negatives is the fact that Tesla is expanding its control over the EV sector and it is doing well in China. At the same time, Nio is proving to be a decent competitor. They are creating more advanced batteries, and they are backed by the big tech companies in China and the government which could make Nio even more valuable. The other advantage for Nio over Tesla, is the limited infrastructure for charging EVs. Nio is working on a subscription-based service for battery swapping to alleviate this issue.

We personally think NIO could be huge in 4-5 years and that's why it's a buy for us. 

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Crispr Therapeutics: CRSP

Crispr Therapeutics has come down from its all-time highs of $220 and is at $115 per share. They are definitely oversold and deserve a second look. Crispr Therapeutics is aiming to cure diseases with a technology called crispr cas-9 which essentially snips specific sequences of DNA and swaps them with new DNA. They currently are partnering with another company name Viacyte to cure diabetes. They have presented their 2nd phase results which have shown excellent efficacy in curing the disease. Currently, they are undergoing the 3rd phase for the FDA which is a human trial. If they show that they have cured diabetes with their technology, this will propel their share price by 10x. Their current market capitalization is $8.4 Billion. We believe they will be curing many diseases in the future. Crispr technology will be ahead of their competition if they can show this is treatment is effective in humans. This company stock could 10x in the next 10 years. So buying shares now would be wise.

Price Forecast

Current Price: $115

One Month Target: $120

One Year Target: $200

Two Year Target: $500

We believe this stock is a buy and deserves more attention because of the technological abilities and results they have shown with their technology. We are investing in this company as the price is plummeting from the general market correction. We think they will be at $500 a share in a few years as CRISPR technology is shown to be the most dominant way to cure disease.

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Palantir: PLTR

This is an artificial intelligence software company that is using its software packages to aid in solving large-scale optimization problems and other machine learning and AI applications.

This company accelerated its growth last year as they typically worked in government programs. The novel coronavirus created an opportunity for them to track and optimize vaccine delivery and recognize where the hot spots were in the pandemic. This impacted the pandemic significantly and most likely save many lives. They recently posted an explosive revenue for their last quarter and posted no profits. The stock dropped heavily afterward, from $35 to $23.95. They are investing in themselves to do more. This could open more doors. Recent news shows that they are building their company by having commercial businesses use their software. Amazon Web Services announced they would be signing a contract to use Palantir’s AI software for their needs. This validates Palantir and shows they are a leading company in AI. Well-known CEO of Ark Invest, Cathie Woods, has been buying many more shares on this dip in the Palantir price.

Price Forecast 

Current Price: $23.95

One Month Forecast: $30

One Year Forecast: $60

One Year Forecast: $120

We are holding Palantir because we believe that they will go up in value over time. 

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