Palantir, Ree Automotive, and Honorable Mentions


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Etsy: We called Etsy to reach $140 per share, we missed our one-week prediction and the stock fell this week due to a broad market correction. It currently is sitting at $227 a share. We alerted our premium subscribers on Friday about an option call that has returned 30% so far.

Tilray: We called it to move downward from $29.66 to $24 in price before going back up. The price rose to $36 and then bottomed at $27. Tilray has stayed steady this week as it will be merging with another cannabis company named Aphria. If you own shares in Aphria upon the merger, you will receive 80% of the price of the Tilray shares.

Athenex: We called it to move to $15 from $13. The price lowered this week to $12.10. If you are interested, it is an excellent time to buy a couple of shares before the FDA potentially announces an approval this Friday the 28th.



The company beat revenue and posted a loss because they are aggressively reinvesting. Additionally, insider shares were unlocked.

Ree Automotive

This chassis maker for autonomous electric vehicles may have disruption potential

Honorable Mentions

Topics investors should watch


Palantir: PLTR

Palantir Metropolis (formerly known as Palantir Finance) is software for data integration, information management, and quantitative analytics. The software connects to commercial, proprietary, and public data which sets and discovers trends, relationships, and anomalies, including predictive analytics.”

This stock is still one that we think could have a huge future. Most of their contracts are with big governments and have yet to break into the commercial setting. A move into the commercial sector could cause this stock to skyrocket in price. This past week the stock decreased in price because the company shareholders were finally able to sell their shares. The stock dipped from around $30 a share to $25 but quickly recovered in price.

Price Forecast

Current Price: $29.75

One Week Target: $31-33

One Month Target: $36-38

One Year Target: $52-55

A couple of things to point out:

  • Two longtime investors said in interviews that they will hold, Just one investor, billionaire George Soros, has publicly signaled his plans to exit.” Having people within the company that trusts the company and are holding onto the stocks is a great sign to us.

  • Cathie Wood of ARK invest is also backing this company. “Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, backs Palantir as well. “Palantir’s attitude is refreshing,” she said in an interview on CNBC. “It’s exactly how we invest. We want our companies to invest aggressively. We don’t want profits now.” I like to think of myself as a logical investor and the fact that PLTR is investing back into itself is a great thing for long-term growth.

“Palantir Reports Revenue Growth of 47% for Full Year 2020, Expects Q1 2021 Revenue Growth of 45%”. We will also link the rest of their Q4 report which highlighted some really good points. They announced that they had 21 contracts worth 5million each. Here is the link for their Q4 report.

We live in a world driven by data and that makes this company may be a long-term buy.

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VCVC: 10X Capital Venture - Ree Automotive

This is a SPAC that plans to merge with Ree Automotive in the upcoming months. The underlying company has created a modular electrical system that rethinks traditional car design. They specialize in building the chassis of the car which includes the motors, self-driving, batteries, and interfaces for outside manufactures to build on top of. Ree Automotive captured our attention as they have shown material evidence of working chassis and have a wide variety of builds. Here is a link showing their product.

Price Forecast

Current Price: $12.43

One Week Target: $13

One Month Target: $15

One Year Target: $40

This company could be a disruptor in the car industry as it can serve as an inexpensive way for car manufacturers to create new vehicles. They are standardizing the chassis which will allow for rapid production of many different types of services. They work with e-commerce companies to show how their chassis could be used to deliver products autonomously.

This company may be a long-term buy because the company is not receiving much attention and they still have around two years to get their chassis in production. They could be a disruptor and we will be watching. Here is an investor presentation that goes through their business design and model in detail. Specifically, they compare how their business is compared to their competitors.

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Weekly Highlights:

Gamestop Madness Ensues and Could Surge in Price Again

After a congressional hearing on Thursday over the retail trading war, leading executives testified as well as a Reddit user who has become very popular within the Reddit community over the Gamestop short squeeze. The Reddit user goes by “Roaring Kitty”. He has doubled his position in Gamestop. This has incited frenzy as traders are wanting to follow this user’s research. There is much interest being revived in the Gamestop stock. Wallstreetbets is back to all in buying to increase the price. Here is the link to the forum.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Skyrocket in Value

From a series of events and increased interest, the value of bitcoin in the past month has risen over $26,700 per coin. The current value as of writing this is $57,000 per bitcoin. It is incredible to see. There are estimates that it could run to 100k soon. We are cautiously optimistic that this will continue to go up in value in the coming months because companies are starting to buy the asset to hedge against inflation. Tesla purchased 1.5 Billion of bitcoin and may continue to be bought by more companies as this trend continues.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Has an Earnings Report This Week

We have been following this company closely as they are launching their newly approved drug Lupkynis to the market. This will help treat Lupus nephritis, a form of systemic Lupus. There are a lot of potential catalysts as mentioned in a previous newsletter.

We maintain a high conviction on this stock price doubling anytime within the next 3-6 months. They are a potential buyout candidate and have a great team that is pushing to launch the drug as quickly as possible. Investors are looking to see their number of prescriptions sold and forward guidance on their earnings report and conference call Wednesday afternoon. AUPH Option idea here.

Athenex FDA Approval of Their Oral Metastatic Breast Cancer Drug is This Week

This company is on the deck to have their drug approved by the FDA by Friday, February 28th. The FDA could approve it before this date but they are targeted to have their final decision by Friday. This approval could send shares soaring above $20, Athenex current stock price is $12.10. Another interesting aspect of this company is that they are generating revenue and if they can succeed with the FDA, they should maintain a cash flow positive for years to come. If they are not approved, we should see the stock fall to around $8 a share because they still have revenue and a large drug pipeline.


All stocks talked about we have invested in, and do not intend to give advice nor recommend acting upon the information.


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