PROG | OBDS Weekly Call 01.12.22

OPEN INVITATION - Details below - Every Wednesday

Note: This itinerary will be updated.

I will start the call discuss some of my thoughts on the Progenity:

  • Then open the floor up to questions and comments.

I will also make sure to record this call and leave it here after we conclude our discussion.

[Link to the recording here afterwards]



Introduction & Succinct Overview of Progenity's Products 7:00-7:25 pm

January Corporate Presentation Link here


Quick 1 Slide sell sheet:

Update to schedule for their programs:

DDS function in dogs below:

More on the abstract for tofacitinib - here - showed a postive response, more research needs to be done.

Adalimumab (Humira) in mice below:


OBDS updates:

Ionis-Pfizer 2b topline results - Demonstrates why they are probably partnering with Progenity

Subcutaneous is a lower blood supply area which means slower transport of drug to diffuse to body.

OBDS delivers into the jejunum which is a high blood supply zone, blood moves through body faster which may allow Ionis to use their drugs (60 billion industry by 2031) with Progenity

OBDS Iohexal delivery - from the corporate bioconnect presentation


Brad Mitchell

ECCO Website here Mid January - 2 poster presentations over Tofacitinib & humira drug concentration

Progenity's press release link here

The data that legitimizes their product. Physics does not lie, the tighter the area, the more light that should enter the detector. Their data matches.


Progenity's Products


15% bio with initial product- 2022 - PK/PD data December PK/PD <- watch

JetCap comparison (they claim 50% bioavailability!!!) - compares and illustrates jet stream

Competition Overview (Look at Rani) 1.4 Billion as of writing, Prog valued at .44 Billion


Topics/Pictures from and submissions from the community (will update more if you send me after the call)

For the DDS:

Chron's and Colitis 360 Journal Publication as promised from the call


Research and findings from Mr Good Advisor Twitter - (@ChrisMaster700)

William Sandborne - a board member who is the leader in GI tract diseases has multiple connections to Pfizer, Abbvie (which are the rumoured partners/suitors) :

Pictures of screenshots below:


Pfizer connections of the Progenity Board member:


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