What to do if UAPs exist, how will the market react?

Disclaimer: Due to the speed of the news being released. I am sending out an unedited article which still needs to be worked with additional pictures and extra details, but this will help you adjust to a new world. Pentagon report is being sent over to Congress at anytime. From now to June 30th.

Subscribe at Optifinancialnews.com You have just seen on the news or Youtube that existence of UFOs and or physics defying objects are real. There is no debate, your heart starts racing, what do you do? How do you protect yourself? There is no denying it anymore. Below we will talk about the current science behind UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and what you should do based as they have been peaceful & watchful so far. We think the current videos of UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) are convincing and we have a few theories as to the physics behind them (thankfully they seem to be within the laws of general relativity and potentially use more advanced physics techniques to move around)

A few things to note from the recent videos, some of the videos can be explained away by how the plane was flying vs. the object was moving on screen. There are however a few videos and a few encounters that are hard to justify other than it's either unexplainable or an unidentified flying object. From my modern physics background and specialty in optics, I think I have a pretty solid opinion from the few videos shown in public.

I think that these craft/objects are an artificial intelligence that is using a more refined alcubierre drive. (Yikes that's a goopy sentence) What I mean simply said is that there is a very smart thing using a space warping craft to move around. This means they do not need rocket fuel or any propellers. They also probably have the ability to do much more than we are currently aware of.

1 piece of data I am currently looking for is the Doppler shifted light from the warping of the space. Theoretically warping space would shift the wavelengths of light moving around the craft and change the escaping lights color so to speak.

When light enters into the space warped bubble, you would have it shift depending on the way the craft is moving. For example if the craft was moving to from the left to the right, you'd see elongated wavelengths on the left side and contracted wavelengths on the right side of the craft picture below:

This would be absolute proof that these crafts were using some sort of space warping technology. The other thing is that they may be able to control 2nd order and 3rd order warping which would allow their crafts to completely cloak. This is what I think happened in the tic tac UAP incident.

Another piece of evidence I'd like to see is visible video, infrared video, radar, satellite data and sound coming from the objects. However, it is extremely hard to get all of these components since these objects have zipped in and out of detection quickly. The one piece I'd love to have is multiple detections simultaneously. It seems that the department of defense has not leaked or allowed any information that would confirm these craft.

Here is a list of scenarios and potential outcomes that would impact stocks positively: UFOs / UAPs confirmed but no contact (most likely scenario)

In this case, which seems to be happening right now is that the government /military confirms data and confirms that unidentified objects are real. The good part about this scenario is that the alien entities have been peaceful and observant. This also shows how much more advancement our innovation can bring. I think this scenario is one of the best for a few industries. Here's the industries and reasons why they may boom upon alien confirmation:

1. Defense Companies - These companies may become more valuable because they not only work on missiles and guns, they actually work on research and development projects that will be used in the future to advance a civilizations capabilities. Recently companies such as Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies have been working on their cutting edge tech that uses lasers and can target things by shooting lasers with pin point accuracy rather than just using bullets. We think that these companies would benefit greatly as the aliens who have been zooming around the earth show that physics can be more than what we currently have. We think companies involved in research and cutting edge development will receive most of the money from the government and investors alike to catch up to the alien technology. We could see many more engineers and other physicists being paid higher salaries.

2. AI companies & Genomics - One name that comes to mind is Palantir (PLTR). They have an unequivocal position in the industry as they are well interfaced with the US government and would be the first company considered to help with Artificial intelligence tools to help with making cutting edge tech possible. We also think Google and any software company may have an edge in this new environment. Proof of further out technologies will give investors confidence that existing technologies can be improved such as Genomics. We think Crispr technology will have a boom due to the fact that anything with innovation will explode over a few months span due to the exuberance of the future abilities we could attain.

3. Teledyne Technologies - This company creates sensors for basically every defense company and camera. We think detection and camera's will explode. Speaking of cameras, we think any entreprenuer that makes a doppler shift software and camera tech could do very well. We think doppler shift tech and cameras will be the most sought after camera after UFOs and UAPs are considered real.

4. Not necessarily a public sector but colleges and professors of engineering and physics would become extremely valuable. The human population will be more focused on the creation of innovation rather than just creating money. We think if antigravity technology is ever developed or honed, we think money will eventually evaporate and social media influencers will have the most impact in society or actionable ability. Eventually the human race won't need the monetary system to continue improving since AI and other tech will take over the survivability of humans. I think the most important consideration of that timeline is when we are able to develop conscious AI that can do more than humans. If we are able to create that, then we will no longer need money as it will be able to make our survivability certain by testing research and pushing the boundaries of physics to the extreme. Many people in modern times could not believe a society without money but I however think it is very possible within the next 500 years.

5. Space industry (not what you'd expect)

Invest in any space company that is looking to push the boundaries of current space technology. For example, look try to find a company that is developing laser technology to propel spaceships or asteroids to anywhere in the solar system. Keep up with new physics after confirmation of these craft. People and physicists are very smart and could devise experiments to reach the boundaries of what we know publicly. Also we should not discount the stories that have been produced from people who have spoke about alien technology like Bob Lazar.

Any public company that is researching ways to move superluminal will receive investor attention and government support. Be ready and looking for entreprenuers/ physcists who are looking to create companies that will push our technology beyond the scope of current physics.

7. The whole economy will boom knowing that we can improve our existence to new extremes. Also the speculation that we may receive some of the alien technology eventually will boost the economy in cutting edge companies.

What will happen to crypto currency?

I think UAP existence is bullish for crypto currency as our world will need a type of currency that is decentralized. If UAPs exist, it will show us that we too can create technologies that will sustain us into the foreseeable future.


This is not financial advice.

Brad Mitchell

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